Netika Indonesia and QUNIE Present “QUNIE Academy”

 Increasing Indonesia’s Human Resources’ Level of Competitiveness In Preparation for Indonesia’s Demographic Bonus Year 2030-2040


Jakarta, January 16, 2018 – Netika Indonesia has announced the official launch of “QUNIE Academy”, a new training and development solution in collaboration with QUNIE CORPORATION, as of January 16, 2018.


QUNIE Academy aims to develop skillful human resources by providing world-class services with special programs for upper level professionals including managers, directors and executives. The goal is to provide 21 training sessions in 2018, at the average pace of 2 per month. Upon finishing the program, the participants are required to apply their learning into real work scenarios, receiving feedback from Netika consultants, who also aid in solving real business issues that arise on the way.


In the upcoming year 2030-2040, Indonesian productive work force is estimated to dominate 64% of the population, which will potentially boost Indonesia as the country with the 5th largest economy in the world. Corporations begin to determine ways to increase human resources quality to optimize the benefits gained from the momentum where human resources become the key factor in economy development. In alignment with this momentum, QUNIE Academy is focusing on developing personnel and management working for all industries and businesses in Indonesia in the field of Human Resource Management, as well as Business Management, Production Control, Sales Process Development, CIO Support, and Big Data IoT Analysis (to be released soon).


Meanwhile, Indonesia continues to prepare itself through various programs and policies to further equip the human resources in Indonesia with competencies and quality development. The efforts were portrayed in the Global Human Capital Report 2017 (World Economic Forum) in September 2017, in which Indonesia’s rank was boosted to 65 from 72 in the previous year. It definitely reflected a significant improvement. However, there still is room for more improvement not only for quality, but also for optimal utilization and absorption.


There are corporations that are not yet aware of the importance of the human resource component, or companies who understand but are unaware of the solutions and have not maximized their own human resource management. “The human resource is the most crucial aspect in an organization, because they determine the direction of the business. Resource management is the pivotal point of attention of the company,” said Rizal Siddik, Education Manager QUNIE Academy.


QUNIE Academy, as the provider of training and development solutions, understands that the rich human resource assets of Indonesia must continuously be equipped with competencies and skill to be the primary motor and key in contributing success to both industry and economy. The quality of Indonesian human resources must be improved so that the momentum of demography can be maximized.


The competitiveness of human resources in Indonesia is still relatively low, and it is similar for all levels including managerial. Such condition affects the business and industry growth generating low faith in investment, which could potentially cause Indonesia to miss the benefits from its demographic bonus.


With education and a thorough understanding, the management should be able to identify challenges faced by the personnel in their organization. After the initial identification, the management will be able to find beneficial solutions and gain in-depth information needed to formulate precautious steps to improve, nurture and optimize the quality and competencies of the human resources. These solutions are one of the services offered by QUNIE Academy, with a commitment to optimize the full potential of highly competitive human resources in Indonesia.


The QUNIE Academy program includes the following topics:

  • Certification in Job Analysis
  • Certification in Performance Management
  • Certification in Competency Modeling
  • Certification in Remuneration System
  • Certification in Talent Management
  • Certification in Training Management
  • Certification in Organization Development
  • Certification in Recruitment System, and
  • Certification in Workforce Planning.


In the training, every module will be equipped with case studies to ensure the knowledge and information received will be fully applied at their company. Netika consultants will follow through each project and add further value by improving business processes. 6 months after the completion of the QUNIE Academy program, when the existing issues are deemed resolved and work flow, as well as business output stabilize, the participants receive a certification.


Netika is optimistic that the programs in QUNIE Academy will be beneficial, not only for individuals, but also to the organization’s synergy and the corporation. And the success of these corporations will improve Indonesia’s economy.


About QUNIE Academy


QUNIE Academy is a unit created by Netika Indonesia and QUNIE CORPORATION, dedicated to providing professional education solutions to local businesses. QUNIE CORPORATION and Netika Indonesia formed a strategic partnership in 2013 to provide business consulting solutions to clients in Indonesia, which also led to the birth of QUNIE Academy.


QUNIE CORPORATION is a part of the NTT DATA Group. NTT DATA is a leading IT services provider and global innovation partner headquartered in Tokyo, with business operations in over 50 countries. Our emphasis is on long-term commitment, combining global reach with local intimacy to provide premier professional services varying from consulting and systems development to outsourcing. For more information, visit


Hence QUNIE is a unique and innovative firm, where Japanese-style high-quality resources and working ethos are combined with global perspective and experience.