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When you realize that you need to expand your market and brand awareness then you are in the right track. "Budge" your brand effectively with us and move forward through content PR.
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Marketing does’nt
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Content does !

What is Content PR ?

Content PR is the extension of content marketing principles – The creation of compelling relatable content as a working methods to the public relations practice, in order to more effectively share an organization story, with the intention of inducing interaction, earn attention, and to share the information as the first step towards demand creation.

How Content PR Works ?

Be Helpful Industry Experts
Attract The Right Audience
Engage Via Compelling Content

Content PR Worth for your Brand ?

  • Establishes your brand’s expertise
  • Increase awareness around your brand
  • Holds the potential to enrich all facets of marketing.
  • As an engagement tools with your customer
  • Describe results and rationale in the way that businesspeople and decision makers understand. (Decision makers as our audience)
Why Budge ?

yes we’re Different and yet Remarkable We’re Marketing PR Agency specializing in Content PR.

We choose PR as our main expertise, we do our business as Marketing PR agency, as a business unit and as part of the Human society, we adapt to the change of the industry landscape and to the technology landscape that directly influence the way “we” (Humans) interact to each other, that is why, we adopt Content Marketing to work as a winning method embedded in our Strategy of PR Marketing communications, and Thought leadership strategy, our satisfied client may recognized it as Content PR, and based on the rushing emails of new prospect and queries, we realize that we are on the right path.

We’ll Assist you, if your industry fits in one of these categories

Tourism & Hospitality
IT & technology

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